Every company needs customers to stay in business, and fulfilling their needs can be essential to your success. How you handle your customers’ questions matter, from inquiries all the way to responding to customer reviews. Whether you are a large or small business, great customer service is a must as a client’s experience dealing with that customer service can have an immense impact on your business. And in the digital age, there are more ways than ever to provide great customer service!


Here are some digital methods of providing customer service:

Website contact form

Often when you visit websites they have a Contact Us page that allows you to send a short message with a targeted purpose. This website contact form is a tool that provides a convenient way for website visitors to leave you a message anytime. Often customers and visitors use it to give feedback, start a dialog, or ask for assistance. They are quick and easy to use for clients, and their message can be sent straight to your email.


Social media

You can also offer customer support through online social channels like Facebook and Twitter. Social media lets businesses meet customers online and quickly answer questions and concerns. It’s an efficient way to provide great customer service with ease and reliability. Let’s face it, most people tend to spend at least some part of their day looking at their social media, and if they are able to get support from your business at the same time, it can only be a good thing for their experience with you!


Client portal

Although client portals can be a bit more work to implement, they can really give customers a great experience when interacting with your business. From here, customers can access information relating to them that is linked with your business. A great example of client portals are ones used by property management companies. Tenants can log in and pay rent, send in maintenance requests, and get information regarding their property, all without putting any extra burdens on your customer service team.



Chatbots are the latest revolution in customer service. Chatbots are easy to deploy for a business and can provide instant or quick support via voice, mobile apps, instant messaging, SMS, and websites. If you’ve ever been on a website and had a chat open in the corner of the screen, there’s a good chance it might have been a chatbot! They can be programmed through AI to answer simple questions, and if they don’t have the information that you are looking for, they can often steer you in the right direction to get you the help you need.



Email is a great way for customers to reach out whenever and wherever is convenient for them. Emails can be sent without the need to speak directly to a customer service agent and can be answered at any time. Clients can ask questions and be connected with someone who is able to help them. And if customers can send emails from wherever they are, why not you? Email as a customer service tool can allow you to answer your clients’ questions whether you’re at your business location or out and about getting things done.

Customer service expectations are changing every year, and your company needs to evolve to meet them. By implementing some of these digital customer service tools, you will be able to take your client support to the next level and give your customers the best experience possible.