We provide outstanding products and services that, together, deliver premium value to our customers. We put our customers first and always aim to exceed their expectations through creativity and innovation. Everyday, we are focused on making sure that our customers’ needs are met, and we put ourselves in the consumers’ shoes to ensure they have a quality experience with us.


We operate with transparency by effectively communicating internally and externally. With dedication to sincerity, honesty, and respect, we seek input and feedback from our clients. The consumer is our top priority, and therefore, we actively seek to understand their needs and ensure that everything we do leads to successful client relationships.


Our technology is built on innovation. We go above and beyond for our customers by thinking outside the box to create solutions for their technology needs. We push for boundless creativity, by welcoming new ideas and opinions on the table.


We value our clients’ data and privacy. We uphold high security protocols, set in place to mitigate risk of data loss, breaches, and leaks. We take extreme precautions to make sure our clients' data is protected.

Our Vision

We aim to be one of the leading developers of business software solutions and believe that software solutions should be readily accessible and easy to afford.


The Executive Team

The Founders of Arc Technologies

Grant Toutant
Owner / CEO

With over thirty years of entrepreneurial experience, Grant excels at building strong relationships with business owners and the community.

Jesse Ebbett
Owner / CTO

Jesse has been a professional in the technology industry for six years and has a passion for developing business automation processes and advancing the frontier of technology.

Linda Sudyko
Office Administrator

Linda works hard at Arc to make sure that our business operations run smoothly, and practices her craft daily by helping connect the dots between all parties involved with Arc.


The Team

A group of talented and creative individuals who come together to solve every challenge placed in front of us.

Isabelle Hudson
Projects Manager

Detail oriented and hard-working, Isabelle focuses on the big picture all the way to the finishing touches.

Navin Muthuarachchi
Backend Developer

Pursuing a computer science degree at TRU, Navin enjoys sports and science when he is not at Arc developing algorithms and databases.

Want to join our team?

Click the link below and send us your resume. We are excited to hear from you.