When you think about a Chief Technology Officer (CTO), you may think about large tech companies with lots of employees who deal with big clients. It may surprise you to know then that this position often has responsibilities that can benefit businesses beyond the tech industry. From small brick and mortar stores to big companies to every type of business in between, all can gain from the expertise that this position can bring to the mix.


What exactly is a CTO?

A Chief Technology Officer is someone who is responsible for managing all the technological aspects of a business. This can range from deciding which softwares will be best for their company to managing existing systems to operating on a business’s behalf to obtain integration information from external companies. CTOs even work with developers to create custom software specifically for their business. They can have a wide range of tasks, but in the end all those tasks aim to help a business manage its technological practices and innovations.


However, hiring a full-time CTO is not feasible for many businesses. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to still get the benefits that having someone in this position can bring. This is where CTO as a service comes in. By hiring someone to act as your CTO for even a few hours a month, it can relieve the stresses of trying to deal with some of these responsibilities yourself. With someone working in your business’s best interests to manage your technology, you can invest your time in other aspects of your business that need you.

Here Are 5 Benefits That a CTO as a Service Can Bring to Your Business

1. It can be a cost-effective alternative to hiring a full-time CTO.

Hiring and training new employees can be very expensive, not to mention how much it costs to retain them on a full-time basis. However, hiring an external company to take on the responsibilities generally assigned to a CTO can help to lift some of that burden, especially for smaller businesses. You can still benefit from the role a CTO can play in your company, but with a lower entry cost.


2. Benefit from working with industry experts in technology.

From choosing new business softwares to helping pick the best integrations for your company, an on-demand CTO can assist with technology-based decisions that you might not be as well versed in. Their industry experience can help with implementing new practices and programs that can boost your business practices and efficiency.


3. Give customers a sense of security.

While businesses moving more and more into the digital world certainly has its advantages, there can also be risks involved. An on-demand CTO can play a big role in ensuring your business’s digital safety, bringing your customers a sense of security that they might not get with other businesses that don’t invest in online and digital security practices.


4. Collaborate with people who can help develop your ideas.

Have ideas for ways to improve your business but not sure how to get them from a theoretical to practical application? An on-demand CTO can work with you to develop your technology ideas for your business, giving input based on their industry expertise. This collaborative relationship can strengthen aspects of your business that may be lacking, and with a CTOs help you can spend more time focusing on the essentials of your business while they focus on technology.


5. Have an advantage over competitors.

All the points made above, from that sense of security to working with industry experts, will bring value to your business; this means that you will have a competitive advantage over businesses who don’t recognize the value that a CTO can bring to all aspects of their company operations. An on-demand CTO can seek to increase your competitive advantage and help your business to excel.

It can’t be denied that CTOs bring a lot to the table. With the emergence of CTO services, now any business can benefit from the services they provide. If you think that CTO as a service might be a good direction for your business, please contact us at https://arctechnologies.ca/contact-us.php and let us help your business grow!